Kim Jae Won and Nam Sang Mi Cast as Leads for SBS Mystery Romance If It Is Her

Ooooh, I like this casting very much especially for a weekend drama. SBS has cast Kim Jae Won and Nam Sang Mi as the leads for its next weekend drama called If It Is Her, taking over the time slot in early July from Secret Mother. The drama sounds melo but in a throwback hilarious face-changing way. Nam Sang Mi plays the wife of a top network anchor who for mysterious reasons undergoes full facial reconstruction and hides her identity with a new face. After surgery she not only has a new face she’s also lost her memory so she goes from calm and calculating to upbeat and hardworking. Kim Jae Won is a top plastic surgeon with smarts, looks, and wealth who gets swept into this mystery. Man, this sounds juicy and beyond silly, but with two leads I like totally worth a watch as brain candy. Continue reading

2014 KBS Year End Drama Awards

Despite being the perennial prime time ratings loser in 2014, the KBS Drama Awards was heads and tails better than what MBC put on the night before in both fashion, star power, and actually awarding quality acting. Of course not every … Continue reading

KBS in Lurch with Iron Man: Lead-in Joseon Gunman Extended 2-episodes and Follow-up Healer Complete Main Cast

There’s a storm brewing in the KBS Wed-Thurs time slot and hopefully this week will iron (har har) things out fully. Joseon Gunman has been leading the ratings but it’s a nominal victory since all three dramas including It’s Okay, … Continue reading

Jaw-dropping Evocative Individual and Group Posters for Joseon Gunman with Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi

It will be a travesty of everything good in drama land if Joseon Gunman turns out to be a dud after dropping the most ridiculously gorgeous and eye-catching promotional materials in all of K-drama fare this year. I suppose the … Continue reading