Press Conference Fashion Fails From Hyun Bin, Shin Mina, and Nam Sang Mi

It’s a bit of an unfortunate coincidence to have three instances of fashion heresy on the same week, and in this case one offender did it twice with two different fugly outfits. Lots of premieres are coming in dramas and movies which affords fans the opportunity to see oppa and unni doing press conferences, and also the opportunity to see them commit fashion terrorism. First up is Hyun Bin, out promoting K-movie Cooperation, and finding himself enamored of jeans and coat combo.

Except in this case he donned unnecessarily decked out coats with embroidery and design, and dad jeans judging from the fit and length. Second up is Nam Sang Mi, making a drama comeback with Chief Kim after two years since Joseon Gunman, wearing what amount to be a hastily sewn together plaid with lace and asymmetry tied together in a big belt. Last but not least if dimpled cutie Shin Mina promoting tvN drama Tomorrow With You looking like a throwback to the big dress big shoulder pad days of the 80’s which still looks abysmally awful thirty years later.
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