SBS Drama Hot Stove League With Namgong Min and Park Eun BinSteadily Increases in Ratings

The tripling of ratings in three weeks is something to write about. SBS Fri-Sat drama Hot Stove League premiered on December 13th with a super low 3.3% AGB nationwide ratings. It’s since only gone up and the most recent episode hot 10.1%, that’s so amazing nowadays. Starring Namgong Min and Park Eun Bin, the drama is a feel good underdog sports story but judging from the positive reviews and rising ratings it’s clearly appealing to more than just sports junkies. I love sports but the best sports dramas and movies are definitely ones that use the backdrop to tell universal tales of redemption and perseverance. Congrats to the cast and crew and I can’t wait to start my watch! Continue reading

SBS Drama The Undateables Ends with Low Ratings and Mellow Drama Wrap Party

You couldn’t pay me to watch SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) after the excessive hijinks of the first episode and that opinion appears to be the majority in Korea as the drama wrapped up airing … Continue reading

Suits Maintains Strong Lead in Wed-Thurs Time Slot with The Undateables Coming in Third

A slotting in of new dramas in two networks has solidified the lead of KBS legal drama Suits in the lead among a generally weak pack of prime time dramas. Suits is staying steading in the 9% range with Thursday’s … Continue reading

Hwang Jung Eum Tries to Pick Up Namgong Min in Second Teaser for SBS Drama The Undateables

I’m going to keep my expectations low for upcoming SBS rom-com The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) because the two teasers so far are really frustrating watching leading lady Hwang Jung Eum. She’s like the opposite of male lead … Continue reading