Namgoong Min Offered the Male Lead in 2022 SBS Drama 1000 Won Lawyer

I love how some K-netizen comments on this casting are that he should be doing a KBS drama next, lol totally my thought that he should go for the Triple Crown. K-actor Namgoong Min is absolutely an A-lister in South Korean drama land and has his pick of whatever script he wants at this point. He won the SBS Daesang in 2020 for Stove League and the MBC Daesang in 2021 for The Veil (Black Sun), and for his next project he’s likely going back to SBS for the legal drama 1000 Won Lawyer. 2022 will have many many legal dramas so I’m not sure why he’s picking one as well but this script won the 2015 SBS internal script competition so it’s got some hype around it. The drama is about a great lawyer who is quirky and only charges a 1000 won fee for his services.

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Namgoong Min Takes Home the Daesang at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards for The Veil and the Cast of The Red Sleeve Cuff Wins Big Across Multiple Categories

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Namgoong Min’s Likely Daesang at the MBC 2021 Year End Drama Awards Now in Question After Junho’s Performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff Gains Momentum

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