First Look at Lee Min Ki, Nana, and Kang Min Hyuk in MBC Wed-Thurs Rom-com Oh My Ladylord

MBC took a break in the Wed-Thurs time slot after The Spies Who Loved Me but next month in March will premiere a new drama called Oh My Ladylord (Oh! Master). I hate the title lol but the cast is promising with leads Lee Min Ki, Nana, and Kang Min Hyuk. However the premise sounds so much like a prior Lee Min Ki drama Because this is My First Life with the two leads with different temperaments living together. Here Lee Min Ki is a top thriller drama screenwriter who lives with a popular rom-com actress played by Nana. He doesn’t date and she sucks at dating and clearly they are meant for each other. Throw in Kang Min Hyuk as the adorable looking second male lead and you’ve got a classic rom-com soup recipe. The PD directed Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely and Fated to Love You so there is plenty of rom-com experience in his pocket. This drama premieres on March 24th.

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2020 KBS Drama Awards Gives Veteran Actor Chun Ho Jin the Daesang for Weekend Hit Once Again

The 2020 KBS Drama Awards was a free for all as well, and a mix of face masks, social distancing, and still walking the red carpet. The bulk of the awards went to the various cast members of weekend drama … Continue reading

Kim Hye Ja and Jung Woo Sung Take Home the Drama and Movie Daesangs at the 2019 Baeksang Arts Award

The 2019 Baeksang Arts Award was actually good for once, the winners moreso than the fashion which remains an uninspiring and safe sea of black and white gowns. Veteran queen Kim Hye Ja deservingly took home the Daesang (Grand Prize) … Continue reading

The 2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Rolls Out the Fashion Red Carpet for Top K-stars

The fashion do’s and don’ts remain my favorite past time for awards shows, mostly because I can’t bother to care about winners that sometimes feel arbitrary or tied to popularity. The 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards took place Thursday … Continue reading

Tzuyu of TWICE is Highest Ranked East Asian Star in 3rd Place on the TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 List

The TC Candler website list of the Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 is out and congrats is due to Taiwanese idol singer Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) of TWICE for being the highest East Asian star on the list at number … Continue reading

K-stars Attend 2016 Asia Artist Awards in in Safe and Pretty Fashion Choices

Last week was the 2016 Asia Artist Awards,¬†which was by all accounts a giant steaming mess with ceremony glitches and a hodge podge of categories that made the very award seem superfluous. With that said, this awards ceremony managed to … Continue reading