J-netizens Want Horikita Maki’s Instagram Star Younger Sister Nanami to Debut

Not that any unique star can ever be replaced by a similar star but this development is pretty entertaining to see. J-ent was rocked last week by the abrupt retirement of top actress Horikita Maki, ending her 14 year long acting career at the young age of 28 to become a full time mom and wife. Nothing wrong with her choice but for all the sad fans left behind with no new Maki dorama or movie to look forward to.

Cue fast thinking netizens for noticing that Maki has two younger sisters, not a well known fact in the industry since Maki was raised by her mom and her two younger sisters raised by their dad after the parent divorced. The youngest sister Nanami is now an instagram and beauty star with a striking resemblance to onee-chan Maki. Fans are now clarmoring for 23 year old Nanami to debut as an actress to fill the Maki void, a cute thought but highly improbable on a talent and/or experience basis. But those who miss Maki can follow Nanami’s instagram for some Maki-esque visuals. Continue reading