jTBC Saturday Drama Nevertheless Wraps Up Mixed Reception Run with an Ending that Will Surely Please Devoted Fans Who Stuck With It

A cohesive picture is always more telling about a story than just reading a chapter at a time. Perhaps jTBC drama Nevertheless should have been a Netflix produced series where all the episodes drop at once. It never delivered on the buzzy lead hype of Song Kang and Han So Hee pairing up and the push-and-pull dynamics of a realistic college age emotionally messy romance ended up frustrating the broader viewer base than it satisfied the minority public who appreciated such a take. This weekend was the ending on a 10-episode run and as someone who watched the first and now the last episode (with some snippets of the episodes between), I actually like it a whole lot better seeing the ending that the production chose to go with. For fans who watched the entire series, your thoughts? As for the future bankability of Song Kang and Han So Hee, I don’t think the low ratings of their first big drama lead roles will dog them (for now) as both have other projects already lined up and I think K-ent will see the lack of success here as more the problem with the story not connecting with the audience than an issue with the two leads.

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jTBC Saturday College Drama Nevertheless Drops Below 1% in Episode 8 as Viewers Never Did Return After Criticism on Leads Acting Problems and Story Line

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K-ent Writer Posts Fawning Article Praising Han So Hee’s Charisma, Acting Ability, and Visuals to the Moon Despite the Ratings Disappointment of Nevertheless

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Nevertheless with Song Kang and Han So Hee Drops a Little Bit More in Episode 3 Ratings and Netizens Aren’t in the Mood for this Drama Story

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