K-ent Critic Discuss the Two Positives and Two Negatives with Song Hye Kyo Performance in Latest Drama Now, We are Breaking Up

This was a very interesting and meaty article last week from a K-ent drama critics and you can take from it what you agree/disagree but at least someone did a deep dive into Song Hye Kyo and her latest drama Now, We are Breaking Up. The articles discusses two positives and two negatives with her choice, performance, and outcome with this drama so I’ll summarize. The first positive is that she maintained her dignity with romance drama performances, the critic felt she showcased her ability to be subtle, nuanced, and believable in essaying romantic interest and conflicted emotions. The second positive is that she managed to bridge the 11-year age gap with Jang Ki Yong by her youthful beauty, at times looking younger than him, and with that she managed to maintain her grip with fans and her CF power. All her outfits and makeup looks trended and the brands sales increased. The first negative is that she sticks with the same old, same old, unlike her same level actresses Son Ye Jin, Han Ji Min, and Han Hyo Joo. Those three take on different roles and drama/movie genres in ways that Song Hye Kyo hasn’t done in many years. The second negative is that she does so many romance dramas that the anticipation and excitement has faded because it’s so familiar. This is an interesting article and definitely does prove that K-ent remains willing to deep dive into the success and failures of its A-list stars, and for Song Hye Kyo she may already have taken the next step in overcoming the two negatives by doing revenge thriller The Glory as her next project.

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