Eric Deservingly Hits K-drama Daebak with Oh Hae Young Again

There are certain drama fails that hit too hard and reside too long with me, and one such epic fail is the 2011 K-drama Spy Myung Wol. Conceptually it should have worked but it was poorly written with very unpalatable characters and chemistry, leading to an onset meltdown by the female lead and a near disaster in airing for the entire production. Regardless of the blame, the end result made me worried that male lead Eric might never ever do a K-drama again, and he seemed to be actively avoiding television and was finally lured back three years later with Discovery of Love.

I enjoyed that drama but it was so low rated as to render a thoughtfully produced work unrecognized, so it’s with the happiest heart that I got to follow along with recently finished cable drama Oh Hae Young Again (Another Oh Hae Young) and feel like Eric finally got his due. Together with Seo Hyun Jin, the drama was a win thanks to their electrifying chemistry and a memorable love story, providing one of the most mature and memorable dramas of 2016. Eric looked so tired by the last two episodes I hope he’s been resting and chilling for the summer, but it was nice to see him do post-drama interviews recently with the accompanying pictures giving one last look at his Park Do Kyung. Continue reading