Mommy Dearest is Back in Episode 14 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay as Viewers Riveted to the Tension with Ratings of 5.403% and 5.947%

This was a rough episode of It’s Okay to Not be Okay to watch, probably as dark as it gets with both the narrative and the title fairy tale written by Moon Young of The Hand, The Monkfish,. There is usually some levity in each episode, and a sense of hopefulness, but episode 14 was the hammer dropping of both real and psychological danger in the form of returned Crazy Killer Mom. It’s a bit too Lifetime Special for me but the drama has laid the foundation well since episode 1 so it’s not a last minute twist, but I don’t know if I need this type of life threatening worry for my three babies Kang Tae, Moon Young, and Sang Tae.

Each is dealing with so much childhood and life trauma already, but now it’s all converged into one villain. She is majorly scary don’t get me wrong, able to fool everyone and lay in wait for 20 years to enact her revenge and play her mind games, but I have faith that the kids are now strong enough to stop her AND surrounded by loving, caring family and friends they didn’t have when they were growing up. I can’t wait for next weekend’s finale, it’s going to be sad to say goodbye but I truly want to see what the scriptwriter’s final chapter wants to tell. I think the denouement will validate the journey so I have faith that my babies will explore the world in their camping car after all is said and done.

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