SBS Drama The Undateables Ends with Low Ratings and Mellow Drama Wrap Party

You couldn’t pay me to watch SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) after the excessive hijinks of the first episode and that opinion appears to be the majority in Korea as the drama wrapped up airing this Thursday having quite an inglorious ratings record. Wednesday’s penultimate episode recorded the lowest ratings for the series at 2.1% AGB nationwide, and overall the drama went from a series high start of 5.3% all the way down to the 2% range in the final weeks. I feel so awful for male lead Namgong Min who got the only positive audience reviews for his performance, while female lead Hwang Jung Eum really contributed to what made this drama unwatchable (pun intended) for me. The cast and crew attended the drama wrap party other than Namgong Min, and for those who did watch all the way did the drama get better or at least have a saving grace of being not that bad when all is said and done? Continue reading

You’re All Surrounded Holds Press Conference and Releases Fantastic 7-min Long Preview

I distinctly remember wishing that the cast attending drama press conferences would wear the simple uniform of well-tailored conservative suits and classy ladylike dresses. That was during a period when each successive drama press conference delivered increasingly amount of WTF … Continue reading

You’re All Surrounded Releases Full Character Stills and Cancels Drama Press Conference

The somber mood in K-ent continues this week even as dramas have gone back to regular programming. The Sewol ferry sinking has dominated news headlines in South Korea and with it the entire nation is in an emotional state of … Continue reading

You’re All Surrounded with Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won Releases Script Reading Stills and Starts Filming

The Wed-Thurs battle has petered out recently with three dramas that are all tightly bunched together in the low teen digits in ratings. I can’t say Three Days, Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation), or Sly and Single Again are all … Continue reading