Johnny’s Entertainment V6 Member Okada Junichi’s Wedding Announcement Accidentally Delivered Early and Stirs Up J-ent Excitement

This is a hilarious news to report and a happy one at that. Thanks to the super efficiency of the Japanese post office, a breaking news story broke two days early and frankly I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. Idol-actor Okada Junichi, famous for over two decades since joining Johnny’s Entertainment and debuting with boy band V6, complied with his overlord’s standard request whenever one of his boy banders is planning to get married and sent a Christmas card to his fan club members announcing the news first and personally in a note.

The marriage announcement note was in the Christmas card to his fan club to be delivered on Christmas Eve December 24th but arrived two days early for one fan who posted it online thereby starting J-ent pandemonium. Okada Junichi is super popular and a Johnny’s stalwart with V6, though his fans have had a few years to get used to him being taken as he has been dating popular actress Miyazaki Aoi since 2012. That’s who he is purportedly marrying, though per the Johnny’s information dissemination fashion the marriage announcement did not reveal the identity of the bride. Congrats to Junichi and Aoi for forming yet another J-ent married power couple! Continue reading