Actor Seo In Guk and Singer Park Bo Ram Reveal Relationship Going on Over a Year

This isn’t the biggest K-ent dating news but as a completist I want to report on it. Actor-singer Seo In Guk revealed that he was dating singer Park Bo Ram, not just a recent relationship but the couple has been together for the past year and a half. Park Bo Ram is a former contestant on Superstar K2 in 2014 and went on the launch a relatively successful singing career for the last three years and Seo In Guk of course is a popular K-drama male lead. In recent months Seo In Guk has been laying low due to netizen disapproval of his military exemption this past June when his physical revealed a joint condition called osteochondritis dissecans where cracks form in the cartilage and underlying bone. Anytime a male K-star is exempt from the military there is bound to be blowback so it’s smart for Seo In Guk to lay low and not use the exemption to jump full scale back into work. Congrats on his going public with Park Bo Ram and good luck to this young couple! Continue reading