Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin Enroll in Music Academy for SBS Drama Do You Like Brahms

KBS drama School 2020 may have been cancelled to air on the network but there is another school-esque drama coming over at SBS. The network is airing Do You Like Brahms starring confirmed leads Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin, with the title clearly giving away the subject matter of music. It’s the story of aspiring young musicians attending prestigious music schools pursuing their career dreams. Kim Min Jae plays an award winning since childhood pianist and Park Eun Bin picks up the violin with hopes of succeeding in her passion. The drama has relatively unknown PD and screenwriter at the helm but sounds like a promising foray into musical territory with plenty of predecessors, though the one I wanted to love the most the K-drama of Nodame’s Cantabile which was Yesterday’s Cantabile being a total flop. Hope this one soars.

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SBS Drama Nothing to Lose Becomes Judge vs Judge and Ready For Wed Premiere

I feel like SBS Wed-Thurs dramas just blended together as the newly arriving one formerly known as Nothing to Lose but now has the English title of Judge vs. Judge is straight up a continuation of predecessor drama While You … Continue reading

Suzy Leads High Profile Star Attendees at the VIP Movie Premiere of Horror K-movie The Piper

I’m starting to wonder if Suzy and Lee Min Ho went the candid route in admitting their relationship three months ago when outed by Dispatch because they basically couldn’t hide their rosy romance glow. The stars were out in full … Continue reading