Recently Popular K-actor Park Eun Seok in Another Scandal After Revealed to Have Been Sued for Defamation Last Year

There is a Chinese saying 人红是非多 which means a popular (famous) person has many controversies. Case in point Park Eun Seok, who before SBS drama Penthouse where he played a supporting role that got a lot of audience popularity, was just a no-name struggling actor. After he shot to name recognition with Penthouse, he was cast on variety I Live Alone but the last two weeks have seen one scandal after another. First was his rehoming/abandoning a string of pets issue, which has some validity, which is one should never buy a pet unless you’re nearly absolutely sure you can raise it. He rehomed each for various reasons but it felt like he was just so casual about getting more pets the next time, self-absorbed was the feeling I got. Now a second controversy has been revealed which was a lawsuit for defamation filed in Seoul Court against him by another entertainment colleague. The person was Park Eun Seok’s senior in college and casting director/actor and is accusing Park Eun Seok of posting his name, picture and warning that he was a scammer on a large K-ent chat group text thread. That caused him severe distress and he felt targeted as the allegation was untrue. The case is still pending and was filed before Penthouse aired so clearly it’s not an opportunistic one to take down Park Eun Seok after he got popular.

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SBS Starts Production on Melodrama Penthouse with Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Eugene, Eom Ki Joon, and Bong Tae Kyu

This totally looks like SBS is trying to do their own version of Sky Castle which is fine but the writing better be airtight. Casting is confirming and production heads underway for the next Mon-Tues drama Penthouse, with a clown … Continue reading