Namgoong Min Disappears into the Role of Revenge Driven Elite NIS Agent in New Promos for MBC Drama The Veil

If there is ever a chance of MBC getting its ratings act together then upcoming action thriller The Veil (Black Sun) is its best shot. The drama is a 12-episode tightly paced in length and the male lead is award winning Namgoong Min who has once again transformed into this role. He looks buff and angry here as a NIS agent, contrast with his last role in mystery detective thriller Awaken (Night and Day) where he was lean and subtly dangerous as a detective on a lifelong mission to right a wrong. MBC released a nearly two minute long preview but keeps scrubbing it from the streaming sites so go look for yourself if you’re curious, it looks fantastic and definitely a high budget production.

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Son Ye Jin, Youn Yeo Jung Among the First Actresses Released in the Korean Actor 200 List

Here comes the first look at some of the ladies in the Korean Actor 200 list and hoo boy it’s a great cross-section of age, experience, and charisma. The actresses in the first batch of stills include living legend Youn … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Hosts the 2020 MAMA Awards in Seoul with Many K-acting Stars in Attendance

Aaaaahhhhh this feels nice, a sense of normalcy and nostalgia for how big this awards got in recent years and perhaps a nice slimming down to focus on just the core competencies. The 2020 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) went … Continue reading

Lee Sang Yeob and Park Ha Sun Change Up Their Image with Steamy Romance Drama Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Consider me pleasantly surprised and curious about upcoming cable network Channel A drama Love Affairs in the Afternoon. The literal title is translated as Weekday at 3PM Lover and is the remake of the same name J-dorama. It’s pretty illicit … Continue reading