K-actress Park Han Byul Announces Marriage and is Four Months Pregnant

I’m not going to assume this is a shotgun wedding since the couple in question could have been planning to get married all along but it certainly probable more so than other couples in recent years getting married. K-actress Park Han Byul has announced that she is four months pregnant and also registered her marriage to a non-celebrity hubby. She’s currently starring in MBC sitcom Borg Mom which will wrap up soon and didn’t want to distract with this news earlier on. Park Han Byul’s personal is most famous for having dated idol singer Se7en during the heyday of his popularity, with their relationship starting from their senior year in high school and lasting for 12 years before she broke up with him after his army scandal. The news of her marriage and pregnancy is a total surprise but I’m happy for her especially proving that there isn’t a problem with stars dating publicity and breaking up afterwards to eventually finding the right person. Continue reading

Joo Won Takes Home the Daesang for Yongpal at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards

The SBS 2015 Drama Awards wraps up the trio of year end big K-drama awards shows, and while network was the overall ratings winner for the year the selections for its awards were somewhat underwhelming. Joo Won took home the … Continue reading

The Pink Ladies of the Vogue Girl March Edition

Vogue Girl Korea‘s March issue is it’s annual pink issue, and this year it assembled another batch of starlets to model for its Pink Wings charity campaign – this year its to help young adults who are their families’ main … Continue reading