High Cut Captures the Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik Bromance for K-drama Suits

The male leads of the upcoming KBS drama remake of US legal show Suits definitely are all in in developing the onscreen bromance. It doesn’t hurt that younger lead Park Hyung Sik totally reminds me of a young Jang Dong Gun, so it’s a doppleganger-esque situation with two actors I like. The two leads are featured in the current edition of High Cut Korea in suits that look like it’s borrowed from their Suits costumes along with a more retro cool threads that look right at home lounging in an old school law firm partner’s office on a late night with a tumbler of whiskey. Recent year’s K-drama remakes of Western shows have been wildly hit-and-miss even with rock solid casting, here’s hoping Suits brings the interesting story lines and smooth execution. Continue reading