Park Hyung Sik Indeed the Offered Male Lead of K-drama Adaptation of C-novel The Golden Hairpin Currently Being Adapted to C-drama with Yang Zi and Kris Wu

It’s nice to see a casting rumor come true if it’s someone I think is a really good fit for the project. K-actor Park Hyung Sik is finishing up his military service and all eyes are on his comeback project. I wrote in December 2020 that he was angling to be the male lead for the K-drama adaptation of the Chinese period novel The Golden Hairpin (簪中录 Zhan Zhong Lu or Memoirs in the Hairpin). Now it’s confirmed as K-ent has reported that Park Hyung Sik will indeed be the male lead, and his agency confirmed the offer but said it is merely one of many roles he’s considering. China is already adapting the novel into the C-drama The Golden Hairpin (with a different Chinese title 青簪行 Qin Zhan Xing) starring popular leads Yang Zi and Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan) which doesn’t have an air date yet but is likely second half of 2021. The novel is much loved so it’s no surprise to see K-ent taking the source material for a Korean take. It’s an investigative romance with a female Sherlock Holmes type accused of murdering her own family who teams up with the undercover prince to solve crimes and also clear her name. Count me in!

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