Child Actor All Grown Up Park Ji Bin Signs with New Agency CUZ-9 Which Teases New Projects Ahead

South Korean dramas have no shortage of talented child actors and actresses but I would say 50% (probably more) do not continue their careers into adulthood and probably only 10% who do succeed in becoming adult lead level. It’s a shame because watching K-dramas for two decades shows me that grown up child actors are a billion percent better suited to be cast as adult leads and yet so many of those roles go to idols with no experience or even worse a proven bad at acting track record and yet they persist. Park Ji Bin is one of those generational child actors who wowed everyone as the young Bidam in Queen Seondeok, the little brother Boys Before Flowers and Pick the Stars, and with memorable turns in May Queen and The Suspicious Housekeeper. He enlisted in the army on the early side and has been back for 6 years now but I haven’t seen him as active so it’s good to hear he’s signed with a new agency CUZ-9 and is prepping new roles. He’s actually 26 years old already (!!!) and is older than Yeo Jin Gu and Nam Da Reum, and his same generation peer Park Gun Tae appears to have stopped acting a few years ago. As for the next rising class of child actors, none is trending with as much buzz as Kim Kang Hoon who is still quite young.

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