Park So Dam Trades Her Everygirl Look in Record of Youth for Edgy Couture in New W Korea November 2020 Pictorial

I think there could be some genuinely insightful analysis for Record of Youth, the good, the bad, and mostly just the feeling of something missing or not quite fitting right. That really fits how I felt about Park So Dam in the drama, both her character and performance. But as the drama has progressed it’s really coalesced until I don’t think that at all and see her as the warm ray of normalcy sunshine that is much appreciated in a sea of bickering and industry plotting. She’s pitch perfect as the understated, underrated, and really blending into the woodworks makeup artist because she’s not the star nor aspiring to be. I guess her pairing with the mega star played by Park Bo Gum thereby came off as not meshing. But she’s really come into her own in the latter half of the drama and reminds me that she’s a very very good actress. Her problem is lack of immediate and overwhelming onscreen presence the way superstars just take over the screen. But not every actor and actress is a superstar and she’s truly blazing her own impressive path.

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Episode 14 of Record of Youth Brings in 7.772% Ratings with Surprise Cameo of Choi Soo Jung and Hye Joon Moping About His Success

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Record of Youth Episode 13 Gets 7.760% Ratings But the Relationships Stagnate in Career and Life Complications

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Episode 12 of Record of Youth Has Slight Ratings Drop to 7.798% as Hye Joon and Jung Ah Grow Farther Apart and She Spends More Time With Hae Hyo

I don’t have second male lead syndrome in Record of Youth but episode 12 totally made me ship Hae Hyo and Jung Ah at the end of the episode. It helps that Byun Woo Seok finally broke out and emoted … Continue reading

Record of Youth Episode 6 Ratings Dip to 6.995% as Hye Joon’s Acting Dreams Get Dose of Reality While Romance Dreams Take Step Forward

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Record of Youth Records 7.200% Ratings as Park Bo Gum Continues to Pursue His Acting Dreams with Plenty of Emotional Cheerleading Around Him

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