So Ji Sub Visits Best Friend Park Yong Ha’s Grave on the 9th Anniversary of His Passing

We may think K-ent is going through dark days but honestly those who have followed along for over a decade remembers as dark if not darker times long ago. On June 30, 2010, K-actor Park Yong Ha succumbed to his depression and committed suicide at home. It’s been 9 years since and I still remember that news breaking like it was yesterday. Even if his loved ones have moved on doesn’t mean he’s forgotten and over the weekend his best friend actor So Ji Sub paid his year visit to Park Yong Ha’s grave bearing flowers and remembrances for his gone too early friend. Another mutual friend was there with So Ji Sub and took pictures to share on SNS to commemorate the anniversary of Park Yong Ha’s passing. It still makes my heart twinge to remember his talent gone so young and all those left heartbroken. Continue reading

All of Kim Eun Sook’s Drama Leading Men Assembled in a Visual Walk Down Memory Lane

As top Korean drama screenwriter Kim Eun Sook preps for her next drama airing at the end of 2016, having lined up leading man Gong Yoo (squeeee!), it’s a good time as any to do a catalog of all the … Continue reading

A Performance To Remember

Do you remember the drama and/or movie that made you fall in love with your favorite actors or actresses. … Continue reading