Alleged victim From 2016 Sexual Assault Allegation Against Yoochun Files Civil Lawsuit Against Him for 100 Million Won

Hey, guess who is back in the news this week, one of the OGs of the misbehaving and/or criminal act committing names in the last three years Park Yoo Chun is getting limelight during a very bad week in K-ent. A civil lawsuit has been filed by a woman who accused Yoochun of sexual assault back in 2016 when his scandal, remember the bathroom (oh god still so much ew) preference of his and oh well you know the dirty deets. Anyhoo, this alleged victim has filed a civil suit and asked a judge to approve a civil seizure on one of Yoochun’s condos in Seoul worth about 100 million won, as that is the amount she is seeking in damages and she wants to make sure she can collect if she wins the lawsuit. Her lawsuit isn’t asking for a lot of compensation (approximately $90,000 US dollars) and her lawyer explained that the delay in suing him was because she waited for an apology from him and never got it. Yoochun has been non-lowkey recently, dying his hair red/pink hue and holding a concert in Japan where he apparently still has fans. Continue reading