Park Yoochun Cries in Court and Prosecutor Asks for 1 year 6 Months Jail Time for Drug Use

I’m glad there is one entertainment industry scandal in South Korea that is getting swift resolution. Singer-actor Park Yoochun has admitted to all charges of drug use and in his court hearing this week teared up as finally it’s fine to face the reality. The prosecutor asked for one year and six month jail time and a 1.4 million won fine (over $1000 US dollars), neither of which is all that long if you ask me. I doubt he’ll get max time and may just serve a few months and be out, and the fine is laughably small. He did just use drugs and wasn’t being charged with distribution so I think it’s fine, and he’s paying the bigger price of being totally cancelled in K-ent forever regardless of what fangirls remain loyal to him. Continue reading

Sensible Film and Acting Nominees List Released for 51st Annual Grand Bell Awards

The nominees are out for the 51st annual Grand Bell Awards, the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards to honor the industry’s best and brightest filmsĀ and movie stars for the calendar year. This year the only K-movie I watched from … Continue reading

Look Back at the Donga News Ranking of the Top Ten K-drama Stars of 2010

I can’t believe we’re barreling towards the end of 2011 already. Boggles the mind really. I realize the K-drama year is also wrapping to a close with only a handful of dramas remaining to premiere this year. At which time … Continue reading