Chanyeol’s Lookalike Pretty Newscaster Noona Park Yura Releases Wedding Pictures

I love pretty wedding pictures and these are quite lovely even if the bride and groom were formerly unfamiliar to me. Now I know that EXO‘s Chanyeol has an older sister named Park Yura who is getting married soon! Park Yura is herself a public figure as the newscaster for YTN channel news and her wedding ceremony is scheduled for fall of ’18 to another news industry professional three years older than her. I love the classic elegance of these wedding pictures, the bride is is so beautiful and clearly so in love with her husband-to-be in the way she looks at him. She’s also astonishingly Chanyeol’s lookalike, the girl version of Chanyeol if you will, and I’m now picturing them as the real life version of the Go twins from You’re BeautifulContinue reading