Previews for New SETTV Daily Drama with Alice Ke, James Wen, and Patrick Li

Next week is the premiere of SETTV‘s new 9 pm daily drama called Gong Hay Fat Choy (if you’re Cantonese, I don’t need to explain this to you). The Chinese title is 我們發財了 (literal translation is we got rich), and the English translation is the Cantonese greeting during Chinese New Year wishing folks prosperity and wealth (means congratulations on getting rich). The title aside, this drama looks breezy and fun, sure to have tons of Taiwanese-flavor humor and be a hoot to watch. I’m definitely checking it out since I love Alice Ke, and her pairing up with Patrick Li in this drama leaves me in stitches. Also in the cast is James Wen, newly minted Golden Bell Best Actress winner Tian Xin, Kun Da, and Gina Lee. Check out the trailers below and let’s hope it’s good enough to reverse my ennui towards TW-dramas. Both Alice in Wonder City and Ti Amo Chocolate continue to be immensely boring and puts me to sleep. Continue reading

Taiwan Stars Descend on the Apple Daily Star Party in Taipei

Party in the USA! Er, oops, wrong song. I mean Party in Taipei! Apple Daily held a star-studded party yesterday, not quite sure it was for any reason other than to get all the stars together for some fun times. … Continue reading