Train to Busan Sequel Peninsula Drops Two Teaser Posters with Summer 2020 Release Date

If this novel coronavirus Covid19 outbreak isn’t stabilized and contained in South Korea then I think the upcoming Summer 2020 movie season will be drastically re-scheduled. I can’t imagine people wanting to sit in a confined closed space like a movie theater even if life outside has returned to relative normalcy. With that said, outbreak is the name of the game for Summer 2020 movie Peninsula, the direct sequel to hit zombie thriller Train to Busan, which was itself a the follow up to animated movie Seoul Station. Starring Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun, the movie released the two first teaser posters last week, one where a lone survivor is walking in the desolate moonlight surrounded by zombies and the other is a breaking dawn scene where the two leads are already geared up to battle the rushing undead. It looks greatly but the idea of deadly outbreaks and the aftermath is pretty unsettling right now. Continue reading