Park Bo Gum and Suzy Offered Leads for K-drama People of Incheon Airport

I love these out-of-the-blue and random potential drama pairings, it makes for the most entertaining posts to write and see reactions of. K-ent is reporting that Park Bo Gum and Suzy have been offered the leads in the upcoming fall 2018 K-drama People of Incheon Airport. This drama is penned by the screenwriter of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim who also wrote What Happened to My Family and Gu Family Book among her more recent dramas but her oldies stretch way back to the Hotelier days. The drama was in the news recently for writer Kang Eun Kyung swapping People of Incheon Airport for her other drama Fox Star Bride which was courting Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. Hyun Bin declined first and once the drama plot switched to People of Incheon Airport then Park Shin Hye bailed. I don’t think it’s a diss on the quality of the drama and more it was a different drama than what was initially pitched. Continue reading