Gu Hye Sun’s Epic Fashion Disaster Steals the Blood Press Conference Spotlight

I’ve blogged about plenty a fashion fail moments whether at awards shows or press conferences and the standard reaction remains the same befuddled look accompanied by the outburst of “da hell is he/she wearing?” Gu Hye Sun may have had her share of odd attire in the past but this one at the Blood press conference takes the cake. It’s not just me either, she has becoming the most talked about thing from the drama meet-and-greet event when there was already plenty of opportunity for snark in other ways.┬áThe leading lady of the drama stole the limelight in a trifecta of fashion fail: ugly pattern, ill-fitting, and awkward design.

Any of the three could produce an unattractive outfit, together it’s the holy trinity of unfortunately attire. Her outfit was a matching two piece, a green/red/purple abstract floral print button down shirt on top with the dorky color contrast design of white white collar and cuffs, paired with a matching below-the-knee pencil skirt. It’s a pretty hideous pattern but the two-piece design cuts off at the waist with excess bunching. To make matters even worse was the fact that the outfit was visibly one-size too small on the very tiny already Gu Hye Sun, with the buttons gaping on her top and the skirt so tight she actually couldn’t walk properly wearing it. I feel bad for her unless she picked this out herself, and if she didn’t then┬áher coordi needs to be fired. Continue reading