Industry Acknowledged TW-star Dating Updates on George Hu-Annie Chen and Rainie Yang-Prince

I’m always amused by the dating gossip coming out of Taiwan entertainment. There is a noticeable lack of fake pearl clutching that happens in Korea where even the suggestion of dating is called a “scandal”. Even when a celebrity couple is pretty much widely acknowledged as dating but refuse to publicly confirm it, their fans shrug and the media just keeps on reporting on their dating updates as if they did confirm it. Two such couples recently had news about them so I thought I’d share in case anyone cares. First up is repeat drama co-stars Annie Chen and George Hu who have done back-to-back dramas together with the SETTV sitcom Love Now¬†and then later the Sunday night idol drama Love Around. Rumors had them falling for each other during the IP filming, which was rather scandalous only because George was reportedly already dating his even earlier co-star Gui Gui after they filmed the drama Summer Fever together. Whatever love triangle is in the past now and it’s pretty much open industry news that George and Annie are an item and starring in LA together was like going to work with your significant other every day. The relationship update is that Annie and George were both in the US vacationing together earlier this month with a detour to visit George’s parents who live in the States. Netizens spotted them at Disneyland together in matching Chip-n-Dale hats and being openly a couple. On the flip side of the coin is the rather inexplicable pairing of A-lister Rainie Yang with much younger C-lister Prince (Wang Zi), and it’s not the disparity in fame insofar as the disparity in talent and having a personality. The latest Apple Daily breaking news is that a chaebol heir is wooing Rainie and her mom is apparently being telling neighbors that her daughter is getting married soon to a very well off dude. This was then followed by paparazzi snapping Prince taking Rainie to the dentist and then multiple nights spent at her place, indicating that boyfriend is not happy with the rumors and is keeping an eye on his girl. Perhaps there is more to Prince then I give him credit for, and maybe his C-lister days will be over soon because the media is reporting that he’s quite possibly going to be playing the Kim Tan character in the upcoming C-drama remake of Heirs. LOL forever if that turns out to be true. Continue reading