Jin Goo and Park Ki Woong Also Drop Out of K-drama Prometheus Following Ha Ji Won’s Exit

The successive jumping off the side of the ship definitely feels like it’s sinking and it may be for the best. Massive thriller action K-dramas like IRIS and Athena are not easy to pull off and upcoming Prometheus seemed to have bit off more than it can chew. It was a political action conspiracy thriller spanning multiple overseas location shoots and pre-produced so plenty of sunk costs. Descendants of the Sun did that but I consider it more romance than action so that probably defrayed the expenditures, along with plenty of overt PPL cash infusion. Prometheus is likely DOA now with the departure of not just female lead Ha Ji Won last month but two male leads Jin Goo and Park Ki Woong. That leaves only Hollywood actor Ki Hong Lee attached, so unless there’s a massive re-casting soon I’m glad this drama won’t exist to intrigue me only for the inevitable letdown. Continue reading