Protect the Boss Episode 18 Recap

What can I say about the final episode of Protect the Boss? Better late than never? Why did it take you so long? How about just a “thank you for somewhat returning to form and going out with a fist pump and a farewell bow.” Even with no expectations beyond simply wanting this story to end so I can finish this recapping project, episode 18 of PTB did try to return to what I so loved about it. For that I am truly grateful.

While the story always felt like an exaggerated version of a slice-of-life drama, it was quirky and different enough with a downright kind heart that watching it just made me happy. I’m thrilled it chose to end the same way it arrived, even if plotwise it remained quite a stretch to get there. I’ll let the less-than-steller middle episodes slide and always remember it for its attempt to think outside the K-drama box. Continue reading