Puff Guo Does Funky Ruffles and Pleated Chic at Pop-up Brand Event in Taipei

The smile and chic aura makes this whole look work but it’s certainly worth analyzing because I’m always curious about fashion trends and styles of the stars. TW-actress Puff Guo made an appearance at a Pop-up brand store event in Taipei sporting a very fashion unique look. A dark navy top with ruffles and see through portions paired with a long pleated white skirt with the same navy color trim in the slitted area. She makes it look fun but I think the top and bottom pieces are more regular day wearable in separates, perhaps the top paired with tailored jeans and the skirt with a t-shirt combo. Puff’s glowing and her smile is so darling, I’m glad to see more of her in Taiwan activities again after what felt like a too long hiatus. Plus the bright yellow backdrop of this event is so refreshing on the eyes! Continue reading

Yoo In Na Gets Switched Out for Puff Guo in C-drama Sequel to Queen In Hyun’s Man Called Shuttle Love Millennium

The likely first confirmed casualty of the Chinese government unofficial crackdown on K-ent in terms of drama and star appearances is Yoo In Na. Except I don’t think she’s terribly hard pressed considering where she landed afterwards. Yoo In Na … Continue reading

SETTV Holds Lunar New Year Party with Plenty of Star Power Attendance

It’s Lunar New Year on February 19th this year, much later than the usual early February or late January dates during most years. That’s because the Lunar calender only has 30 days in every month so after a few years … Continue reading

The Pretty Leads of 2014 Popular SETTV Dramas Grace the January Covers of Spop Magazine

I’m super stoked about the first new SETTV drama of 2015 in the currently airing Someone Like You starring Kingone Wang and Kirsten Jen. It’s also a good time to be reminded of all the little things the network did right last year … Continue reading