C-netizens Howling Over Four Beautiful C-actresses Turned Tacky CCTV Chinese Dancers

When I was growing up and watching tons of Chinese-language historical dramas, most of the time the leading ladies were always ethereally beautiful, but beyond that they always had this grace onscreen like they glided or floated with this out-of-this-world vibe. Later I realized that a lot of C-actresses had classical dance training or ballet either during theatrical schooling or from childhood, hence their gracefulness onscreen came from having ingrained dancer’s lithe physical form and movements. The same is true of the C-actresses of today with so many having dance training that has come in extra handy especially doing wuxia dramas.

China’s central network CCTV has been hard at work planning, scheduling, and rehearsing for its biggest event of the year, the CCTV New Year’s Gala 2015. Four of China’s television leading ladies have been packaged together to perform a classical Chinese dance while dressed as the Four Beauties Xi Shi, Wang Zhao Jun, Diaochan, and Yang Gui Fei. Tong Li Ya, Ma Su, Wang Li Kun, and Qin Lan are all incredibly beautiful but their dress rehearsal pictures have been released and I, along with all the C-netizens, are howling in laughter at what the lovely ladies have been reduced to in the tackiest makeup and attire EVER. Tong Li Ya (above) fares the best out of the four but holy moly does the entirety of the four together scream “Vegas Showcase Ancient Chinese Style!” Continue reading