Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun are Opposites Attract(?) in New Posters for tvN Drama Queen Cheorin

I liked the premise of C-drama Go Princess Go better than the execution, because goodness was it so low rent it was basically rent-a-costume with whatever haphazard acting could be summoned up for the plot. But the “what if” was so fun to ponder – a modern day playboy male transported in soul back to the past into the body of a royal princess. In the K-drama version tvN drama Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen), female lead Shin Hye Sun has all the boyish/manly affects down but still charms with the bright personality, because a dude can also be funny, playful, and eccentric. The straight man is played by Kim Jung Hyun as her husband the King and also as an imbecile puppet by day and secret avenger by night. That his secret is less shocking than hers is even funnier. The second set of official drama posters are just as good as the first, showing the two different tableaus of the oddly married who just seem like they could be in a bromance if they knew everything about each other.

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Shin Hye Sun Hits Every Comedic Beat in First Teasers and Lead Character Posters for tvN Sageuk Queen Cheorin

I first noticed K-actress Shin Hye Sun‘s underrated comedic ability in Legend of the Blue Sea, she turned a stock clingly second female lead into a layered and endearing role. She’s great playing the straight woman in lead roles but … Continue reading

Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun, Bae Jong Ok, and Kim Tae Woo Confirmed for Comedy Sageuk Drama Queen Cheorin

I’ve long thought the ridiculously low budget and slap stick period Chinese drama Go Princess Go was perfect for a K-drama version and could be done so much better. I don’t think the upcoming sageuk drama Queen Cheorin is announced … Continue reading