tvN Mon-Tues Body Possession Medical Drama Ghost Doctor with Rain, UEE, Kim Bum, and Son Na Eun is the First Premiere on Jan 3, 2022

The whirlwind that was December 2021, with so many dramas competing on the weekend time slots, controversy, and year end awards wrap, I lost sight that tvN medical drama Ghost Doctor was premiering this Monday. It’s arrival on January 3 marks the first premiere of 2022 and it should be an easy watch. Starring Rain, Kim Bum, UEE, and Son Na Eun, it’s actually well cast with the leads essaying each an unique and strong character charm from the previews and posters alone. Rain is the cold perfectionist doctor who ends up soul possessing warm-hearted Kim Bum’s rookie doctor after an accident, and it looks like the drama as the two male leads each with their own love lines with UEE and Son Na Eun respectively. It looks cute, nothing terribly unique about the concept but combining the standard medical drama with body possession hijinks can make for both entertaining and meaningful story lines. The drama is from the screenwriter of Live Up to Your Name so there is definitely comfort and skill with writing a medical K-drama.

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