Rain Dapper in Taiwan for Tiffany & Co Jewelry Event

This may have just been an excuse to make a quick jewelry shopping trip but K-actor and singer Rain was just in Taipei last week attending an event for Tiffany & Co. With wife Kim Tae Hee home with their little toddler and pregnant with their second child, he better not go home empty handed and be ready to hand her a robin’s egg blue bag. With so much crap going on in K-ent with idols and actors, it behooves to remind that one can succeed in the industry while maintaining a happy personal life as Rain has shown. He’s a notorious workaholic who came from a poor background hence his drive, but also one with a clean image and now even better family man persona by marrying Korea’s top daughter-in-law candidate. Glad to see him looking so dapper dan in Taipei. Continue reading

Who Are K-dramas Best Ugly Criers – Past, Present, and Future

Kisses and tears are two of the more memorable aspects of K-dramas because the early Hallyu dramas piled on romance and misery in equally measure to create the world of K-drama melodramas as we know it. Over the years the … Continue reading