Rainie Yang Pulls off Cutesy Overalls Look at Jeans Promo Event

The spate of TW-actresses who got married last year leaves the thinning herd of eligible single ladies for the media to bombard with relationship queries. Rainie Yang is on the younger side at 32 years old so there is no rush for her to tie the knot, but she’s been in a steady relationship with Chinese singer Li Rong Hao for the last two years so she’s always asked about her love life whenever she’s in public. At a recent jeans promo event, Rainie’s continued radiant happiness leaves no doubt that all is well in the romance department which makes me so happy for her as well. She’s dated a few noncommital guys in the past and it must be a relief to find someone who enjoys a low key and serious relationship that she craves. Her hair is all grown back now and she looks adorable to the max with the cute hair bow on her head, rocking the overalls with zero farm girl vibe thanks to the neon yellow pumps as contrast. Keep on living the happy life, Rainie! Continue reading

TW-drama Rock Records in Love Showcases Famous Songs with Top Taiwanese Actors and Actresses

Taiwan’s cable network PTV is doing a phenomenal sounding drama series of one-episode shorts featuring the the most influential music and acting talent. Starting April 9th, Rock Records in Love premieres with individual episodes all featuring a famous song from … Continue reading