Rainie Yang Has Fun with Fashion Before a Epic Floral Backdrop

Floral used to be a no no for much younger me seeking the sleek modern vibes conveyed by black, white and generally muted solid colors. The florals of the housewife 50’s or the hippie 70’s were not for me, but in recent years the pattern has morphed into a new era of anything goes as long as you wear it with lots of joy and fun. It even works in office settings without losing the professional look, which makes Rainie Yang‘s latest Bella Magazine pictorial less like she was vomited into a floral dungeon and more like she is trying out soft to dark contrasting looks paired with bold floral wallpaper to bring highlight her feminine features. I think she continues to challenge herself in fashion, hair, and the idea that growing older means toning things down, when really it can mean taking confident side steps. Continue reading