Filming Wraps for K-movie Real with Kim Soo Hyun and Production Drops Visually Intense Teaser Posters

While everyone is talking about current and upcoming dramas with the current Hallyu actors and actresses, mega Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun has been laying low relative to his massive pan-Asia fame in order to film dark thriller movie Real. The movie has wrapped filming and heads into post-production for a 2017 air date in the theaters. It’s not clear if he’s looking for a drama as his next work but his twice costar Jeon Ji Hyun is likely unavailable as she’s already signed up to do Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho. I see Kim Soo Hyun’s career as more diverse in role picking compared to most of his near age colleagues, and the raging success of You From Another Star feels more like an after thought and he picked the role to play an alien and challenge himself. Same goes for Producers which was choppy but still quality fare. The concept posters for Real look stunning and evocative and it will be his first major role playing a legit dark character. Continue reading