Return Continues Onward This Week with Leading Lady Switch From Go Hyun Jung to Park Jin Hee

It was a surprise to see new episodes of SBS Wed-Thurs drama Return airing this week, what with last week’s epic onset fallout with the PD and leading lady Go Hyun Jung getting into a tiff and then SBS firing her. The show must go on but the surprise is how quickly the production was ready to start airing again with replacement leading lady Park Jin Hee taking over the same role of lawyer Choi Ja Hye. She appeared in Wednesday’s episode already and the network aired a note to audiences about the casting change. Other than wearing the same type of lawyer suit Park Jin Hee has is sticking with her current short hair and hiding her second pregnancy under a jacket. Ratings remain relatively steady to the previous week and the drama has the second half remaining to air. This one will certainly go down in K-drama history as one of the most tumultuous production fall outs to go along with Wolf and Spy Myung Wol, among a handful that quickly come to mind. Continue reading