Chun Jung Myung Joins Song Ji Hyo in K-drama Adaptation of Zettai Kareshi Roco King

Oh this casting I like! K-actor Chun Jung Myung has accepted the offer to star opposite confirmed female lead Song Ji Hyo for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the shoujo manga Zettai Kareshi. The drama is called Roco King and takes the original story characters up in age and into the world of Korean entertainment. Song Ji Hyo is a special effects makeup artist unlucky and pessimistic about romance and gets herself a male boyfriend love robot who proceeds to act as the cupid for her and the male lead she has a crush on played by Chun Jung Myung who is a top actor. Directing is the PD of Flower Boy Next Door and adapting the script is the screenwriter of Mirror of the Witch. Continue reading