Kim Hee Sun in Talks for Soul-swapping K-drama Room Nine

There are visual goals for every decade of my life and K-actress Kim Hee Sun is my 40’s goals with how she’s balanced a career, husband, daughter, and aging gracefully. I’ve been really cheering on her recent K-drama growth with projects starting with Wonderful Days, Angry Mom, and most recently Women of Dignity. Up next is likely fantasy tinged K-drama Room Nine while she will be playing two characters who soul-swap. One is a 30-something workaholic lawyer at the top of her law firm and the other is a 50-something incarcerated woman prisoner with late stage cancer. Room Nine refers to the waiting room at the prison where they interact. The drama is from the screenwriter of The Merchant and the PD of Big Man, My Fair Lady, and Flowers For My Life. It’s schedule to air in September after Hundred Day Husband. Continue reading