Marry Me or Not Gets Serious and a Little More Dramatic in Episode 8 with Danger and Forced Kissing Afoot

Marry Me or Not continues to be marvelous, even at the pace of turning serious and even a little bit makjang. That’s not a bad thing, makjang gets associated with negative connotations but the original intent is merely to drop … Continue reading

Little Sister Pretense Interrupts a Hot Makeout Session in Episode 7 of Marry Me or Not

How can Marry Me or Not continue to meld laughter and sizzle in such synchronicity I will never understand, not because it’s impossible but because it’s ever so rare nowadays in dramas. I love when storytelling convincingly showcases layers just … Continue reading

TW-Netizens Pick Their Favorite Adorably Drunken Drama OTPs

Agree! Totally 100% agree with this voting result, which is becoming more and more a rarity these days. Sometimes I wonder if my tastes have stayed the same while the newer drama viewers are headed in a different direction, but … Continue reading