Dispatch Snaps Park Shin Hye Enjoying Tea with Friends Prior to Filming K-Movie Royal Tailor

Park Shin Hye is hard for me not to love even if her roles have been hit-and-miss. She’s still young but picks different projects and tries hard each and every time. Her all-natural looks, which look exactly the same as when she debuted at age 13 in Stairway to Heaven in 2003, is so easy on the eyes and a breath of fresh air in an increasingly sliced and taut pool of homogenized young actresses. What works for me is that she really can look like the girl next door and rather unassuming such as the way she was styled for Heirs, and then turn around and look edgy and eye-catching when she feels like it. If her stylist for award events can stop dressing her to look like an actress in her late 30s then she could easily start wowing on the red carpet as well. This week Korean tabloid newspaper Dispatch published a story and accompanying paparazzi photos of Park Shin Hye that is just so ridiculously non-newsworthy and utterly mundane I simply had to share. The upside is that Park Shin Hye looks fantastic with her overall glow and some perfectly applied eyeliner, way better on an off day when she’s hanging out with friends in real life then she looked in the entirety of Heirs with a hair and make up team behind her. Dispatch caught Park Shin Hye at a cafe near its office having tea and macarons with friends and decided to take pictures of her and write a story about how much fun she was having drinking tea and eating macarons with her friends. No really, that was the entirety of the story. That it was a slow news day is an understatement. The bored media is probably wishing one of its idol stars is having a Justin Beiber-level meltdown right about now. The article even wrote that Park Shin Hye was happy whipping out her wallet and paying for the group, because what’s a treat of tea and macarons among friends, right? I will use this admittedly pointless post to write about something substantive with respect to Shin Hye – she’s about to start filming her next project the high profile Joseon K-movie with Han Seok Kyu, Go Soo, and Yoo Yeon Seok called Royal Tailor (Sanguiwon) about the rivalry between an established master royal tailor and a genius upstart who challenges the existing hierarchy. Han Seok Kyu is the establish elder tailor and Go Soo is the innovative new tailor and both design clothes for the lonely Queen played by Park Shin Hye and her cold aloof King husband played by Yoo Yeon Seok. This sounds interesting and could be a great acting opportunity for Shin Hye so I’m definitely looking forward to it. Continue reading