Ruby Lin Posts Rare Couple Picture Celebrating Wallace Huo’s 40th Birthday

It’s the rare and sweet showing for a very private and low key couple. Married TW-stars Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo have been married for three years and have a two year old daughter. This week Ruby posted two pictures of her husband Wallace Huo celebrating his 40th birthday. Even more sincere was the pictures of the two show them without any makeup or artifice, it’s really just a married couple celebrating a special moment together. There have been murmurings of the two having marital problems all stemming from the couple not living their married and family life in the public eye by oversharing, so I’m glad to see them being happy still and keep on being reserved and private. Continue reading

Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night

The Chinese-speaking glitterati was out in full force this weekend at the 15th annual Bazaar China charity event held in Beijing, with many reasons to check out ranging from couple sighting to once again C-stars showing that they do high … Continue reading

Glamorous Stars Out in Full at the 2016 Annual Bazaar China Star Charity Night Event

Chinese-speaking entertainments best and brightest stars were out in mega force this past Friday for the annual Bazaar Star Charity Night. There were so many pretty faces and fashionable attire it’s impossible to pick a post topper so I’ll go … Continue reading

Newlywed Wed Expectant Stars Ruby Lin and Michelle Chen Spend Quality Time with Respective Hubbies Wallace Huo and Chen Xiao

Checking in on two recently married big star couples from Chinese entertainment yields the sweetest of comfort. This week Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were spotting on the streets of Taipei going out for a night stroll. The fan didn’t … Continue reading