Ruby Lin Basks in the Success of TW-drama Light the Night as Star and Producer with New Couple Pics with Husband Wallace Huo

I was curious about TW-drama Light the Night when it was announced two years ago because HOMG it was a wild star-studded cast of basically a who’s who of Taiwan entertainment. Multiple leading ladies and leading men with a story set in the 1980’s red light district of Taipei with plenty of intrigue and emotional heft. Then it was released as a three part series and became the biggest TW-drama of the year straddling end of 2021 into early 2022, complete with murder mystery and a rotating cast of big name surprise guest stars. Ruby Lin was the lead and the producer, continuing her incredibly savvy drama producing run, and one of the guest stars was her real life husband actor Wallace Huo. It’s the first drama the two have been in together and in a twist he played an antagonist to her character in what is being billed a short appearance but very memorable and dynamic. In the same vein, the quite private couple after 6 years of marriage has also recently been much more open in sharing their personal lives and affection. Ruby posted the above pictures to her Insta showing her takinhg selfies with her hubby as a backdrop.

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