Over 600 Stars Self Dissolve Their Own Production House in the Aftermath of the Chinese Tightening in Entertainment Industry

One of the unique to C-ent creations in the last two decades are the self-named “production houses”. When a star gets famous or ramps up in China, they usually leave their agency and basically create their own agency and call it a 工作室 or production house/studio. It’s a combo agency to sign contracts for dramas/movies and CFs with brands and if it gets big enough can finance their own projects and even sign on additional new stars to join. Almost ever famous C-, HK-, and TW-star working in China has their own production house but not anymore. This week a list was circulated showing over 600 (around 668) star production houses have been officially dissolved. It’s like shutting down a company. One reason is that production houses have been pinpointed by the government as being used to facilitate a host of star misconduct from yin/yang contracts to coordinating with fandoms. The dissolving of their own production houses includes big name stars such as Liu Shi Shi, Huang Xiaoming, Ariel Lin, Ruby Lin, Jin Boran, and many more. I foresee the TW-star contingent will likely not be working in Mainland China for the near future if not longer.

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Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night

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