Ruby Lin Charmingly Shares Unearthed Modeling Pictures From 22 Years Ago With Plenty of Late 90’s Fashion Throwback Lulz

I thought all celebrities kept track of their own evolution, I mean their entire life in front of the camera is documented so it’s almost like a video and picture diary being kept. But stars like us live ordinary lives away from the limelight so they don’t always remember every look and every pictorial and like us it’s both cringe and charming to come across something from way back when. TW-actress Ruby Lin is 44 years old in 2020, totally gorgeous still and has weathered over two decades honing her looks and acting talent. This week she shared on her SNS a few modeling pictures from when she was 22 years old so that would be 1998 and HOMG the late 90’s just dropped from the sky on my face ahahaha. I mean 1998 was peaks Friends so that’s the look – thin brows, darker lip liner, feathery hair, and plenty of one-time fashion looks from cutout tops to sleeveless mock necks. Thank you for taking us down your memory lane, Ruby, reminds me never to go look in my old photo albums from college heh.

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