Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol Return to Television with K-drama Disqualified From Being Human

Well this is certainly big casting news. On the heels on earlier reporting that top movie actress Jeon Do Yeon is coming back to the small screen soon, now she’s got a leading man and he’s quite the quirky charmer. Ryu Jun Yeol is in talks to join the award winning Jeon Do Yeon in the upcoming drama Disqualified From Being Human. It’s a human emotion drama about people in different stages of life struggling with failures and fears. Jeon Do Yeon is a woman in her 40’s who recently had a miscarriage and thinks she’s not accomplished anything in her career she sacrificed for. Ryu Jun Yeol is the opposite, a young 20’s guy who is fearful of never accomplishing anything despite not yet having started. The drama centers around a suicide helpline community and I totally think this subject matter is much needed especially in countries like South Korea where mental health remains a hushed or brushed aside topic. Fantastic casting and even if there is romance between the leads I’m game for what the drama wants to tell with the story as there has been plenty enough 20 year old age difference drama pairings.

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Entire Answer Me 1988 Main Cast Reunite to Hang Out and Three Adorably Rock a Love Triangle Look

Okay, someone HAD TO have sent out a dress code otherwise how the heck is three out of six wearing couples tee, albeit in a love triangle look ahahaha. The perfect precious main cast of six from the hit K-drama … Continue reading

Acclaimed Director Choi Dong Hoon Starts Filming K-movie Alien with Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Jun Yeol, So Ji Sub, and Kim Tae Ri

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The 2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Rolls Out the Fashion Red Carpet for Top K-stars

The fashion do’s and don’ts remain my favorite past time for awards shows, mostly because I can’t bother to care about winners that sometimes feel arbitrary or tied to popularity. The 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards took place Thursday … Continue reading

Big Name K-stars Including Lee Seung Gi, Yoona, Suzy, Lee Jun Ki, and Park Shin Hye to Attend 2017 Asia Artist Awards

This is a post solely to prep for this week’s Asia Artist Awards, thank to the star-studded line up that will be making an appearance either to present or to perform. On the acting stars alone it’s worth checking out … Continue reading

First Annual Seoul Awards Creates New Red Carpet and Winners in Drama and Film Categories

This week K-ent decided to create a new awards show on top of the countless ones already in existence. The 1st ever Seoul Awards, not to be confused with the Seoul Drama Awards, took place this week to honor both … Continue reading