Chief Kim Remains Top of Wed-Thurs Ratings and Widens Lead Over Saimdang

The reversal of fortune is here to stay and the gap got a whole lot wider this week. KBS is now the undisputed top dog of Wed-Thurs K-drama ratings, with its surprise hit Chief Kim remaining top of the competition with this week’s episodes 5 and 6. Episode 5 rose 1.7% to hit 15.5% AGB nationwide, and episode 6 continued the rise adding another 1.2% to end with 16.7% ratings. Hitting the high teens is a feat nowadays and this one has turned into a disappointing result for SBS to lose both the ratings dominance with Saimdang: Light’s Diary dropping down to 10.7% in episode 5, nearly losing it’s double digits, before rebounding back to 12% in episode 6. MBC‘s Missing 9 remains mired in the 4% digits and stranded by itself in the deserted island of small ratings. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Tops C-netizens Rank of 10 Most Anticipated K-dramas of 2017

Many of the 2017 K-dramas were announced in late 2016, and a few even starting filming last year already. C-netizens are also taking stock of the offerings soon to come and there was a recent poll showing which K-dramas are … Continue reading

K-media Discusses How Descendants of the Sun is the Only Ratings Success Pre-produced K-drama in 2016

K-media is taking stock of 2016 and the results are not exactly promising for the future of pre-producing K-dramas. What was once a rarity such as the mega budget Legend felt like a norm in 2016 with a slew of … Continue reading

SBS Delays Lee Young Ae’s Drama Saimdang to January 2017 After Not Getting Chinese Simulcast Approval

The fallout from the Chinese spat with South Korea over THAAD is clearly continuing even after news coverage has died down since the heated summer months. The next casualty is the highly publicized fully pre-produced sageuk drama Saimdang: Light’s Dairy, … Continue reading