Joo Won Takes Home the Daesang for Yongpal at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards


The SBS 2015 Drama Awards wraps up the trio of year end big K-drama awards shows, and while network was the overall ratings winner for the year the selections for its awards were somewhat underwhelming. Joo Won took home the Daesang for his performance in Yongpal, which I actually liked and now makes me not blah about him, but it was now what I call Daesang worthy which ever way I look at it other than from a ratings rewards perspective whereby he headlined SBS’s biggest ratings hit this year. It’s hard not to be okay with it, though, because these awards are like company appreciation tokens, and Joo Won was all tears, snot and crying during his acceptance speech and vowing to continue to improve his craft as an actor with a humanistic touch. If Six Flying Dragons were a bigger hit I think Yoo Ah In would have won the Daesang, but then again, the awards for the night felt random in the sense that a lot of it went solo to one lead in a drama but not the other, like for dramas Heard it Through the Grapevine or Mrs. Cop or Mask or Punch. I think Kim Rae Won not winning the Daesang seems to be the biggest outcry from this evening. Continue reading