Scandal-plagued Park Yoochun Discharged From Military Service with Loyal Fans Welcoming His Return

This was one military enlistment that I was hoping wouldn’t end, and certainly was quite disappointed that it took on the same scandal-plagued enlistment of another idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong. Fans and media were out in force for the discharge of Park Yoochun after serving his military enlistment in the police unit. His enlistment took a crazy detour after he was accused of rape and then subsequently accused of further sexual misconduct after the first charges were made.

In the end charges were dismissed but Yoochun will forever have his image and reputation marred by the fact that he slept around quite a lot at clubs and had a predilection for bathroom shenanigans. I don’t know if he will try or succeed in returning to K-ent either in acting or music but he certainly still had fans judging by the loyal ladies who showed up to wave banners of support as he was discharged. Yoochun bowed low in apology but it may be too little too late for the mainstream fans, especially with the latest revelation that he got a tattoo of his fiancee on his arm. Continue reading

High Profile C-drama The Empress of China Gets Pulled Mid-airing to Scrub Excessive Cleavage Shots

The heavy hand of China’s SARFT strikes again in what is being called the equivalent of Cleavage-gate in the C-interwebs. It was an entertaining week of media speculation when the currently airing popular star-studded period C-drama The Empress of China … Continue reading