Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement that the Texts with Kim Jung Hyun are Just Fighting Between Couple But Denies the Education and Bullying Controversies, and K-ent is Reporting that She Will Leave OCN Drama Island with Kim Nam Gil

I’ve been through countless K-scandals and the process is always the same: shocking reveal, silence, either admit but add explanation or admit some part of it/deny others, and finally apologize and reflect. Seo Ye Ji may have been pulled into the conflict between Kim Jung Hyun and his current agency which he is trying to leave, and therefore text messages and her behavior towards then boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun during filming Time was made public. But like Ji Soo said when his scandal broke two months ago, he lived his life basically waiting for the other shoe to drop, maybe not from overwhelming guilt (I hope he did) but from anxiety about when his past behavior would catch up to his public persona. Seo Ji Ye’s agency Gold Medalist released a statement today admitting to the texts but said the texts were not complete as there were more conversations and that it was Kim Jung Hyun who asked Seo Ye Ji not to do skinship first for her dramas. GM chalked up those convos as “fighting between couples” and I’m just like mwahahaha I’m sorry lemme try that shit with Mr. Koala and see if he doesn’t think I just had a lobotomy that’s how extreme the convo between those two were to even put into the same bucket as normal bickering.

The statement also said the agency checked with Kim Jung Hyun (not sure if himself or his agency) and was given the go ahead to release this statement to explain. GM also said the additional bullying allegations against Seo Ye Ji (publicly slapped a classmate) were not true at all, whereas the allegation that Seo Ye Ji padded her education history was just a misstatement. She said years ago that she studied in Spain for three years and even repeated it last year on Knowing Bros show, now her agency says the first time she said that it was a mistake because she was nervous in a variety show and her then agency told her not to correct it and just go along with it. GM says she was accepted to a university in Spain to study Spanish but she didn’t go because she decided to continue her acting career. And last but not least, K-ent news reports are saying Seo Ye Ji will drop out of upcoming OCN drama Island (not clear if it’s willing or forced out), and the drama was reportedly going to start filming in June but will now be pushed back to July/August to rewrite the script. The female lead was reportedly written for Seo Ye Ji in mind and will now be revised, which I’m guessing is that the character is strong willed, controlling, and a bit crazy hence the rewrites to not align with her current image right now even if a new actress is cast.

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