Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Posts Update that She Accepted His Apology, Did Not Want Her Post to Have Caused So Much Harm, and Her Lawyer Threatens to Sue Media and Netizens for Doxxing Her and Disseminating Her Image and Information

The scandal cycle is on the down parabola now for k-actor Kim Sun Ho. He went from career high on Monday morning with the weekend completion of Hometown Cha Cha Cha, which finished with ratings breaking 12% and the drama as a whole ranking 12th on the list of highest rated tvN dramas of all time, to career freefall starting Monday afternoon with the post by his ex-girlfriend that detailed an Actor K who behaved terribly when they dated and also was an actor with a bad personality the opposite of his good boy image onscreen. A Youtuber revealed that Actor K was Kim Sun Ho and then his agency went radio silent for nearly a day before putting out a weak statement about checking on the facts, and then another day went by before Kim Sun Ho released a statement accepting responsibility, apologizing to his ex-girlfriend, and apologizing to his fans and coworkers and everyone harmed by his misbehavior. He was dropped from every single brand CF, which started within hours of the scandal even before he admitted it was him, and his three upcoming movies also let him go from the production. He was also removed as a cast member of variety show 1D2N.

Now his ex-girlfriend has updated her post with a short statement that she received Kim Sun Ho’s apology, and they were once truly in love with each other. She did not intend for her post to cause this harm and there were misunderstandings between them. She will remove the post shortly. Her lawyer also released a statement to the press that they will be taking legal action against any media and K-netizen that is spreading her name and image around, as she’s been doxxed and there has been discussion, commentary, and criticism of her based on her age, past relationship experience, and profession. This new statement doesn’t change the fact that Kim Sun Ho admitted to her first statement but it does show that she probably posted it in true anger and fury and once the fallout happened to him she regretted it because it’s very common for a person who once truly loved another to be caught between making that person take responsibility but also it hurts to see that person suffer. At the end of the day, Kim Sun Ho’s scandal in terms of his misconduct, misbehavior, or poor real life personality, is probably not even close to what some actors/actresses have done that the public doesn’t know about. The fallout is especially fast and harsh for him because of how much he’s risen solely on his Good Boy image, without that perhaps there could be wiggle room for him to gain some understanding.

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