Big Bang’s T.O.P. Conscious After Sleeping Medication Overdose and Moves Hospitals Due to Media Scrutiny

How serious you think of the recent drug scandal with T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) of Big Bang likely hinges on a variety of factors. Whether you’re a T.O.P. and/or Big Bang fan, whether you think smoking pot is none of your business or a criminal offense, and whether you think the transgression is even worse because he’s a celebrity who should be extra careful about his behavior. There are certain actions that do vary in degree of criminality depending on the country and smoking marijuana happens to be one of them. It’s legal in some countries and in the United States legal in some states, but in South Korea it remains an illegal drug along with many other more dangerous substances, so T.O.P. has admitted he smoked week back in October 2016 and accepted the punishment of getting kicked out of the cushier police service and re-enlisting in the army, along with probation and likely community service. Last week he overdosed on prescription sleeping medicine but after a few days is conscious and appears to suffer no lasting ill effects. That’s a relief and his agency has moved him from one hospital to another in order to get more privacy. I hope he gets back on his feet and moves on with his life while handling the ramifications of his actions. Continue reading

High Profile C-drama The Empress of China Gets Pulled Mid-airing to Scrub Excessive Cleavage Shots

The heavy hand of China’s SARFT strikes again in what is being called the equivalent of Cleavage-gate in the C-interwebs. It was an entertaining week of media speculation when the currently airing popular star-studded period C-drama The Empress of China … Continue reading