Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon Found Deceased After Disappearance Post Sexual Harassment Allegations From Secretary

This is a huge news story in South Korea and sometimes reality as as dramatic as fiction. The current Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon was found dead today after what was a wild series of events. His daughter reported him missing after he left what she described as a voicemail message that sounded like a will. Over 600 police officers with dogs and drones were dispatched to the area where his cell phone was tracked. His body was eventually located near Sukjoengmun in the northern part of Seoul city. In recent days he was accused by his secretary of sexual harassment going back to 2017, with him sending messages and pictures to her via SNS. He just won re-election to a third term, the first time for any Seoul mayor, and had always run as a human rights activist lawyer turned politician for the liberal leaning party. He was seen as a potential presidential candidate in 2022. Obviously with his death the sexual harassment allegations will not be adjudicated in a court of law but his decision to take the final way out will clearly have cascading personal and political ramnifications.

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Show Luo Pisses Off Everyone by Posting 7000 Word Weibo Love Letter Remembrance and Apology to Ex-girlfriend Grace Chow on 520 Love Day

As if his habitual and incessant cheating wasn’t enough, TW actor-singer-host Show Luo managed to one-up his own level of douchebaggery today and do so in a way to inflict maximum emotional harm. Show posted a nearly 7000 word (that’s … Continue reading

Variety Show Host Kai Le Confesses to Being One of the Third Wheels in Show Luo and Grace Chow’s Cheating Scandal

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Show Luo Apologizes as Netizens Impressed with His Stamina and Time Management After Grace Chow’s Cheating Reveal

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Show Luo’s Web Famous Girlfriend Grace Chow Pens Scathing Breakup Screed Accusing Him of Cheating for the Entirety of 9 Year Relationship

Okay, this is so so so much “pass me the popcorn” level trainwreck celeb breakup dirty laundry being aired. You can say April 23, 2020 will NOT be singer-actor Show Luo‘s favorite day ever in history as his long time … Continue reading