Kim Sun Ah is a Mysterious Woman of Discreet Power in Teaser Posters for Secret Boutique

SBS is presenting yet another drama take on the underbelly of the rich and powerful, this time with veteran actress Kim Sun Ah in the fall drama Secret Boutique. I love the two teaser posters, so artfully done and evocative, mysterious and intriguing. Kim Sun Ah plays Jenny Jang, a lowly jimjjalbang (bathhouse) worker who starts working as a housemaid for a chaebol family. She parlays being privy to the inner talk and workings afforded to her in that role and starts a discreet business called Secret Boutique where she sells influence and information. Her lobbying brings her center to a huge international development project in Seoul so the drama is all about power play. Sounds interesting and I love the idea of Kim Sun Ah as a social climbing lobbyist. The drama premieres in September in the Wed-Thurs slot. Continue reading