Korea to Remake Taiwan Time Travel Music Romance Movie Secret

When I heard of this remake it was the rare instances where I think it’s a good idea. Korean has bought the rights to hit 2007 Taiwanese time-travel high school romance movie Secret starring Jay Chou and Gwei Lun Mei. The remake will hit the theaters in 2018 with the setting changed from high school to college. The movie not only starred Jay bit he also directed and wrote all the music, and reportedly it was based on his own high school romance but with no time-traveling coolness of course. Jay joked that he was still young enough to star in the K-remake, lol, but K-netizens have long loved this movie and the current groundswell of interest is for Park Bo Gum to play the male lead. Jay’s acting wasn’t the best and he got more accolades for his directorial and music composition for this movie but I hope K-ent finds someone who is really good at playing the piano. Continue reading

Angsty Revenge Melodrama Returns with the Premiere of Secret with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

I just know I’m probably going to loathe all the main characters in the upcoming KBS melodrama Secret (English title Secret Love) starring Ji Sung as an emotionally dysfunctional second generation chaebol, Hwang Jung Eum as the girl who he … Continue reading