Sector 7 with Ha Ji Won Gears up for Early August Premiere

The upcoming 3D blockbuster-budget Korean monster movie Section 7 is gearing up for its premiere on August 4th. The movie stars A-list actress Ha Ji Won in a Sigourney Weaver in Aliens-esque role, while the men folks just tag along for the ride. Heh, I love kick-ass lady warriors. The entire cast, including Oh Ji Ho and Ahn Sung Ki,┬áhave been making the rounds of in various promotional events. The director spoke about how he’s been waiting five years for the technology to make this movie, and that he cannot imagine another Korean actress with the acting and physical skills to carry this movie like Ha Ji Won can. Which proceeded to make our lady warrior cry on stage. Bringing you all the latest trailer (with English subs). It looks incredible. Continue reading