So Ji Sub in Talks for March 2018 K-drama See You Again

K-actor So Ji Sub is pretty consistent on his K-drama schedule, he’s picky rather than prolific but does do a drama on a every few year basis. His most memorable work in the last decade has to be The Master’s Sun and his followup Oh My Venus was like a loaf of unrisen dough that never became more than it’s solid ingredients. He was part of the leading cast ensemble in the hit summer movie Battleship Island so 2017 is a win for him, and looking forward to 2018 there’s word from production insiders that he’s in talks to star in the March KBS Wed-Thurs K-drama See You Again, which sounds like a melo romance from the title but could be a thriller hidden in there as well. The drama is slated to follow Black Knight, which I wrote about earlier as a fantasy romance spawning centuries from the screenwriter of Unkind Women. Continue reading