Lee Jong Seok and Kim Ji Won Still in Discussions for Netflix K-drama See You Again

Apparently Lee Jong Seok and Kim Ji Won are still in discussions for upcoming romance K-drama See You Again, and maybe the production is tired of waiting hence the report today emphasizing the offers out to them and stating that script reading will be held this Saturday May 19th. The drama will be 100% pre-produced and air on Netflix, with a script by the writer of Oh My Venus. It’s the story of a pair of grown up teen lovers who meet again as adults and are thrown into a healing rekindled romance. Lee Jong Seok’s role is of a stage production director and writer who is a stubborn romantic that never fails to accomplish what he sets out to do. Kim Ji Won plays an employee of a job placement firm that places career and bonuses above marriage and love. If they accept it will be a reunion from 2011 when they starred in High Kick 3. Continue reading